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Cutting Head Nozzle of HANS GS Laser Cutting Machine


The laser head nozzle is located at the end of the laser head,The focused laser beam and high pressure air stream are ejected from the laser head nozzle. In the cutting process, The nozzle of the laser cutting machine helps to rapidly eject gas and prevent debris from bouncing upward. It’s Control gas pressure,Related to the quality of cutting.How to choose the nozzle diameter of laser cutting machine?


1, 3mm below the plate, the choice of nozzle aperture in Φ1mm, so that cutting the gap will be relatively fine, if it is larger, it will be relatively coarse, in the corner of the cutting will not be very smooth.
2, 3mm or more, 10mm below the thickness of the cutting board, select the Φ1mm nozzle aperture will not be stable. If the power is higher, it will result in longer cutting time due to the required heat dissipation time. If you use too small aperture, although the heat is fast, but it is still not very stable. At this time choose 1.5mm, and the area of heat dissipation is relatively large, the situation will make the air flow more slowly, so cutting is also relatively stable.


If you choose more than 10mm of the board to cut, you have to choose a larger diameter nozzle. Therefore, the laser cutting machine nozzle selection is also a certain principle.
In addition, the cutting head of laser cutting machine is divided into single nozzle and double nozzle. Double layer laser nozzles are commonly used for oxidation cutting, that is, oxygen is used as auxiliary gas for cutting carbon steel, and double laser nozzle of 1.5-3.0 is used.