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Hansgs Laser in the OVC EXPO (Wuhan)


According to the OVC EXPO statistics, domestic and foreign enterprises on-site contract amount of more than 13.7 billion yuan, collecting a number of technological achievements 4800 items(New Technology Achievements 2590 items), creating the most ever. Light Fair venue current size of 50,000 square meters, more than 1,800 standard booths, higher than the previous nearly doubled. Site contract amount of more than 13.7 billion. And technology transactions amounted to 356 million yuan among them.


On Such OVC EXPO, Hans Goldensky laser system Co.,Ltd Release semiconductor laser robot flexible processing equipment, the device uses the most advanced semiconductor lasers, combined with intelligent robots and CNC machine tools, highly integrated products, with a very appropriate price and stable performance .
The semiconductor laser robot flexible processing equipment not only compact, but also can easily move online repair according to the need to achieve, with up to 50% of the maximum power conversion efficiency and stability under continuous operation. According to the company's laser technology research center Fan worker described the company as early as the end of 2011 on the launch of the semiconductor laser robot flexible processing equipment, it has been widely used in laser mining machinery, coal machinery, petrochemical machinery, generators and other large machinery parts repair.
At present, the equipment has been used successfully in a large iron and steel enterprises to repair supporting rollers, flat caps and other large workpiece and roller ring rolling mill roll end of phase transformation hardening, it has been greatly improved wear resistance, and for Large Turbine Generators seat wear parts repair site.