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Sheet metal laser cutting machine technical knowledge Q & A


I. Q: What are the precautions for the operation of the laser cutting machine?

A: According to my experience, the laser cutting machine has the following precautions.

1. Because the laser beam is invisible, the human eye can't see it, so don't stare at it for a long time. If you encounter the light path, it is dangerous.

2. The harmful elements (ZnSe) in the focusing mirror of the laser cutting machine should not be in contact with the lens frequently. The discarded lenses should be specially treated and not thrown away.

3. If the processed material is generally carbon steel or iron, there is no big problem if a large amount of aluminum alloy or other alloy material is processed. It is harmful that the cut dust is inhaled by the human body in the air, so be sure to wear a mask. Because the aluminum plate reflects more strongly, the laser head is equipped with a protective device to avoid injury.

Second, ask: Is the laser cutting machine harmful to the body?

A: There are accidents in this aspect of general operation siege equipment, but there is no absolute harm, because doing any work is dangerous, there is no absolute safety, only relative. For example, laser cutting is much more environmentally friendly than plasma cutting and flame cutting. Plasma cutting machines have a large amount of dust, smoke and strong light when cutting. This requires a matching dust removal device. The laser cutting machine produces less dust when it is cut, the light is not very strong, and the noise is small. More environmentally friendly. Of course, the operator who usually touches the laser cutting machine likes to stare at the cutting head. If you look at the spark generated by cutting for a long time, it will hurt the eyes and have a tingling sensation. Generally, some laser cutting machine manufacturers will be equipped with corresponding eye protection glasses. The laser cutting machine is highly intelligent and can be operated unmanned without having to stare at the cutting head.

Third, Q: What are the laser cutting machines classified from the structure?

A: According to the structure of the laser cutting machine, it can be divided into:

A, desktop laser cutting machine

This laser cutting machine is the most common. The laser is placed on one side and transmitted to the laser cutting head through an external optical path. The processing range is generally 1.5*3M, 2*4M. The desktop is divided into cantilever type, gantry type, hybrid type and the like according to the specific structure.

For example, Wuhan HANS GS in the HANS GS laser mainly produces laser cutting machines. This type of machine is mainly a desktop laser cutting machine.

Desktops are mainly used for sheet metal processing. There are many industries that can be used, such as medical equipment, lighting signs, grain machinery, etc.

B, gantry type laser cutting machine

This kind of laser cutting machine puts the laser on the machine and the operation of the random machine moves together. This ensures the constant optical path. The effective cutting range can be large, the width can be 2-6 meters, and the length can be tens of meters long. Mainly used in construction machinery, shipbuilding, locomotive and other heavy industries. Mainly for the cutting of the plate industry in 3MM-25MM.

Fourth, ask: Does the laser cutting machine classify from cutting workpieces?

A: It is relatively simple to distinguish from the cutting material, as follows:

A. Metal laser cutting machine. The power of the laser is generally from 500 watts to 3,000 watts, so that it can be used for the cutting of various metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and alloy steel.


B. It can also be used to cut pipes. Pipe laser cutting machines are basically dedicated and non-dedicated. Non-dedicated plates and pipes can be cut.


V. Q: What is the role of laser cutting machine cutting with auxiliary gas?

Answer: The role of auxiliary cutting gas in laser cutting machine cutting is mainly as follows:

1. Most of the air, or oxygen, and nitrogen, the first purpose is to blow away the residual waste to achieve the best cutting results.

2. Use gas to chase away the metal slag while protecting the lens to prevent the slag from sticking to the lens and affecting the cutting quality.

3. With nitrogen cutting, it can effectively achieve the smooth surface of the cutting surface, no burr and no slag, and it is finely cut.

4. With oxygen cutting, oxygen can help combustion, react with materials and increase cutting speed.

Q. What is the measurement standard for laser cutting machine cutting quality?

A: At present, there are six main points in the measurement of cutting quality of metal laser cutting machines:

1. How large is the surface roughness of the machined material being cut.

2. The size and quantity of the burrs of the incision burrs of the material after cutting.

3. Whether the edge angle of the cut is vertical and the slope is too large.

4. The size of the cutting edge of the cut material to be rounded.

5. The stripe thickness of the cut is measured.

6. Cut thick flatness.

7. Cutting thickness at the same power source and equivalent power.