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Factory special stainless steel laser cutting machine


Where is the factory stainless steel laser cutting machine? Requires stainless steel tube laser cutting machine can choose HANS GS laser, HANS GS laser equipment has 20 years of laser equipment in the laser industry has R & D and manufacturing experience of laser equipment manufacturers. HANS GS laser can provide professional stainless steel tube laser cutting machine according to customer's needs. HANS GS laser can provide stainless steel tube laser cutting machine can be realized in metal pipe, stainless steel pipe, aluminum alloy pipe, steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, alloy pipe, aluminum Tubes, copper tubes, aluminum plates, stainless steel plates and other materials are cut on seamless tubes, round holes, square holes, irregular patterns, square tubes, round tubes, and triangular tubes. The thickness of the cut can reach about 5mm. Stainless steel pipe laser drilling cutting machine configuration imported and domestic, according to the needs of customers to configure the required laser cutting machine. Yintao laser's metal pipe laser cutting machine has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, long service life, simple operation, zero power supply, manual saving, safety and environmental protection, zero pollution, and cutting pipe with no burr. From design drawing to cutting production, it takes only 2-5 minutes to complete. HANS GS optical equipment can provide customers with free proofing, free modulation machines, technical training, and remote technical guidance.


Stainless steel pipe laser cutting machine features:

In the main pipe can be cut in different directions, different diameters of the cylindrical intersecting line hole, to meet the branch axis and the main axis of eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersection conditions.

The end of the branch pipe can cut the end of the cylindrical intersecting line to meet the conditions of the vertical intersection and the oblique intersection of the eccentric and non-eccentricity of the branch pipe axis and the main axis.

Cut oblique end faces at the ends of round tubes.

Cut the intersecting end of the branch pipe intersecting with the circular main pipe.

Square pipe cutting and 360-degree flip cutting.

Cut square holes and waist holes on round tubes.

Various shapes can be cut in special tubes such as square tube, oval tube, U-tube, and rectangular tube tube.


Wuhan Hans Goldensky Laser System Co., Ltd is subsidiary company of Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd, (stock code: 002008). We are high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacture and sales for complete equipment of high-power laser source, laser cutting, laser welding, laser fusion covering, laser heat-processing and high-speed laser punching machine. We also provide automatic processing solving plans.