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Wuhan laser cutting machine manufacturer after-sales service is good


Wuhan laser cutting machine manufacturer good after-sales service HANS GS laser equipment company is a professional manufacturer of laser processing equipment, is committed to providing global users with fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, tipping paper drilling machine, laser cladding equipment And a full range of industrial laser processing equipment custom manufacturers.


The metal laser cutting machine processing industry occupies a heavy weight in industrial manufacturing. For most metal materials, no matter how hard they are, they can be cut without edges. However, for highly reflective gold, silver, etc., because they are good heat conductors, laser cutting is difficult or even impossible to cut. If you add some auxiliary gas that is suitable for the material to be cut during the laser cutting process, it can play a good cutting effect. When the steel is cut, the oxidized material is generated as an exothermic chemical reaction between the auxiliary vapor and the molten metal, and the slag in the slit is blown away at the same time. Cut polypropylene using plastic compressed air, cotton, paper and other flammable materials cut using inert gas. The auxiliary vapor entering the nozzle can also cool the focusing lens, preventing fumes and the like from entering the lens holder, contaminating the lens and causing the lens to overheat. Although the laser cutting machine's processing speed is also slower than the mold punching, but it does not consume the mold, there is no need to repair the mold, but also can save the time to replace the mold, thus saving the company's processing costs and reducing the company's production costs, so from the overall It is more cost-effective to say


laser cutter

With the rapid development of China's economy and science and technology, China has developed into one of the world's largest electronics producers and has strong productivity and development capabilities for electronics. However, the endless embarrassing situation of high imitation and counterfeit goods has brought great difficulties to the development of the manufacturing industry. Optical fiber laser marking machine, with its own advantages, can be used for marking on electronic appliances and has been widely applied and developed in electronic and electrical marking. Laser marking machines are widely accepted by various industries, and their working principles and advantages are inextricably linked. The laser marking machine no longer marks the surface of the processed item by heating. In particular, the constituent materials of electronic devices are not high-temperature resistant, and the use of a laser marking machine for marking does not generate any thermal damage, nor does it cause any pollution to the environment. Laser marking is no longer a traditional color marker, it is more. The traditional marking process has undoubtedly constrained the development of the electronic and electrical industries in China every year. The laser marking machine does not require consumables during use, which greatly reduces the cost of marking. In addition, laser marking adopts computer control, which can not only avoid the probability of failure due to improper manual operation, but also greatly improve the processing efficiency.


laser cutter

Plastic laser cutting is to focus the laser beam on the surface of the plastic material. The high temperature characteristics of the laser are used to melt the material. At the same time, the melted plastic product is blown away with the compressed gas coaxial with the laser beam, and the laser beam and the plastic product are made along the trajectory. Relative motion, thereby cutting the forming process. Plastic laser cutting has three obvious advantages: 1. Laser cutting and production of plastic products: saving plastic mold investment: Plastic laser cutting does not require a mold, no mold consumption, no need to repair the mold, saving the replacement mold time, thus saving The processing cost reduces the production cost and is especially suitable for the processing of large-size products or small-volume plastic products. 2. Laser cutting plastic nozzle: The laser cutting quality is good, it belongs to non-contact cutting, the cutting edge is affected by heat very little, there is basically no hot deformation of the workpiece, completely avoids the formation of edge collapse when the die punching, the laser cutting seam is smooth and flat, generally not Need secondary processing. 3. Laser cutting and processing New samples of plastic products: Laser cutting can speed up the development of new products: After product drawings are formed, laser processing can be performed immediately, and samples of new plastic products can be obtained in a short period of time.