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What safety practices are required to use a laser welder?


Laser welding machines are widely used because of their small weld seams, fast welding speed, and no porosity. However, many people do not know how to use them properly when operating laser welding machines. In fact, laser welding machines are used. There are a lot of safety regulations that need our attention. The following is explained by the company of Liansheng laser welding machine:


The first point: you should carefully read the instruction manual and operate the laser welding machine in strict accordance with the operating procedures to ensure equipment and personal safety.

The second point: the circulating water in the laser welding machine must be kept clean. Otherwise, it will affect the output of the laser. The user can determine the cycle of replacing the cooling water according to the startup time, water quality and other conditions. Generally speaking, the summer is changing the water cycle. Be shorter.

The third point: the laser welding machine case needs to be connected with a safety ground. During work, do not use the eyes to face the laser beam, and do not let the body (such as the hand) touch the laser beam to avoid injury.


Fourth point: Pay attention to keeping the environment and the laser welding machine clean. Always check the laser rod and optical components for contamination.

Fifth point: If you need to repair the laser welding machine, you must turn off the power, and make sure that the charge on the storage capacitor has been discharged before it can be done to avoid electric shock. If an abnormality occurs during operation, power off (press <emergency stop> and air switch) to check.

The above are some of the safe operating practices of laser welding machines. We can only have problems when using laser welding machines after mastering these specifications. Therefore, the above points are very necessary to understand.