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Cautions when laser cutting machines cut round holes


In recent years, with the rapid development of laser cutting machines, more and more customers have begun to use laser cutting machines to cut round holes. The laser cutting machine not only has a smooth cutting section, but also can change the hole diameter and process flexibility. It is not necessary to cut round holes. Second choice.



However, using a laser to cut round holes is not as simple as imagined. Therefore, the following Jiaxin laser cuts round holes to give you an analysis of possible problems and precautions.

1. The hole is too small for laser cutting machine to cut 1:1 hole is the best solution, the bigger the aperture is, the better the cutting will be. If the laser cutting machine with insufficient capacity will cut the hole, there will be irregular hole, too many breakpoints, etc. phenomenon.

2. The gas pressure is too large or too small. The gas pressure is too large to burst the hole. If the pressure is too small, the cutting edge will be rough and the burning will be serious. Choosing the right gas pressure is one of the reasons to solve the irregularity of circular hole cutting.

3. Servo motor parameters Many parameters of the servo motor are related to the arc movement. The parameters are not suitable. If the x and y axes do not match, the circular hole will appear elliptical or irregular.

4. The precision of screw or guide rail is not enough. Some small factories have low technical strength and low level of workers, and the precision of the laser cutting machine can't reach 0.1mm, so the accuracy of cutting circular holes can't meet the requirements.

Therefore, Schwab Laser proposes to identify the quality of the laser cutting machine by observing the condition of the laser cutting circular hole to identify the quality of the laser cutting machine to be purchased. Cutting accuracy, speed and other parameters, whether to meet the standard.